Try 15 Beautiful Leg Mehandi Or Henna Designs By Seeing Design Pictures

Patterns for the legs are done with complete thoroughness as this is the part that looks ravishing to the onlooker. Generally the mehndi or henna was used on the hands but now special attention is given to the feet and leg area so that these parts are appreciated with this simple gesture.

The net jewelry on the leg

Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Like jewelry on the leg, this design is pretty much an artistic creation. This kind of mehndi designs are popular with the Muslims and come with an added touch of beauty.

The net patterns cover the fingers to a point when a simplistic trail of flowers is made in an indefinite pattern. The design does not cover the entire foot or legs. Match with a nail polish of your choice and give it an edgy look in minutes. This design makes an impact instantly gathering attention as – less is more!

A burst of mehndi patterns

A combination of the Arabic mehndi with the flower trail design, this leg mehndi for bridal brings together a lot of mehndi concepts. The central trail has a lot of mehndi motifs in curved and flowery pattern which are filled with Arabic details. The top designs are two bands with circular flower motifs.

Some leaves are given an edgy look with dark shades and a central blank. They seem to look like giant anklets on the legs. The fingers are given heavy details to give the required color and traditional feel to the design. The use of smallest leaf design works on making this design a pretty one!

The simple mehndi art

As simple as it can get, this bridal leg design is kept a little thick for a reason. The flower motifs with a curvy design to cover the foot make an impact of the design that is commonly found in ethnic style footwear.

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A major attraction is made towards the shades of the petals which are carefully put together to make them stand out. Most of the space is left empty to make this design a lighter one. The fingers too just have simple circular flowers to it to make an edgy feel. This is one of the simplest designs that is artistic and subtle both!

The finer detailing

Making use of thin mehndi cones this design is built entirely on two-three forms of fine mehndi details. The circular flower design with concentric circles, giant leaves coming out of it and the net pattern on the foot – all have just the same details to it but are done with fine finish.

The charm of this mehndi is in the blend of blank and design that works like a net. The dotted crisscross on the foot does wonders in creating a unique look! This design does cover the entire foot and ankle area with a light feel to it. The design although heavy does not give much of heavy or dark effect which shall be evident once the mehndi is removed. The design shall form a rather net like finish on the feet.

The peacock art

Peacock is one of the popular motifs when it comes to Indian and more specifically Rajasthan Mehndi designs. In this one giant peacocks are made on each foot with their feathers being the most evident.

The curves of the peacock’s body come out as a trail to cover the foot area whereas the hair of the peacock is transformed into a fine art of flowers and petals to make the glory last around the ankles. The feather details have been quite perfectly done with small leaf like structures given layers to signify beauty.

The flowers on the ankles have been specially given an edgy look with deep dark curves, shades and fine details of buds and leaves. The fingers are left simple to give all attention to the peacock!

Flower trail for the leg

Easy circle mehndi designs

Flower trails work best for the leg mehndi designs and this one is the perfect depiction of that. The design starts with the circular flower on the curve of the leg and builds itself up to the fingers.

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The pattern is that of curvy edges being coming one after another to turn it into a procession. The little details are done leaving some space to give them proper attention. The commas and dots are used to finish off the design quite perfectly. Most of the other space is left blank along with fingers to just make the trail the key design!

Floral designs with black mehndi

Floral designs with black mehandi

Pattern of flower petals are used to complete this design. This is mostly done on the side of the feet and cones, paisley and shaded petal motifs are used to bring the graceful look of the feet. The design snakes upwards and decorates the leg also.

Legs done with designs of donts and chains

Legs done with designs of donts and chains

The feet look like it is draped in some lace cloth. The design is done with minute details and the chains and small dots are used to complete this complicated pattern. You will also find the design on the fingers is done with small tendrils at both sides of the single stem.

Funky design with shades and glitters

Funky design with shades and glitters

Legs are often fairer part of the body and the color brings an electrifying effect. The design is also of a peacock and this touches the onlookers with the innovative sense of the artist.

Image of the mermaid on the feet

Image of the mermaid on the feet

You will find this design to be like a fish. The whole design is done with kalka that has got smaller ones resembling the fins and tail of the fish. The small petals and curls of the design add quality to the motifs.

Thick lines and intricate motifs

Thick lines and intricate motifs

Gujarati mehndi designs for full hands

This will make you breathless as it is so complicated and still so gracious. The dark brown mehandi and lighter shade is used to complete the effect. There are less blank spaces and the circles are done with complete artistic ideas and designs.

Mehandi design similar in hands and legs

Mehandi design similar in hands and legs

This design is done with brown shades of mehandi. There is the lighter and the darker shade to bring the contrast. The same design is also done on the palm and this is very difficult to achieve.

Artistic design compliments the beauty of feet

Artistic design compliments the beauty of feet

New mehndi designs for feet

Designs of flower gives softness to the feet. The fingers are left blank and the upper part of the feet is also blank. The space is used here to bring out the effectiveness of the feet.

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Sophistication with imagery

Sophistication with imagery

The center of the foot is used to create the designs. The round shape and the petals of the flower in larger dimension makes the feet look graceful. The inner side of the round is done with small arches and becomes eye catching.

Ethnic touch with mehandi

Ethnic touch with mehandi

New bangle henna mehndi designs

Tribal designs of the Asian countries are seen in this motif. The abstract pattern with different shapes adds to the natural grace of the design. There are no figures or petals in these but simple patterns that together create elegance for the feet.

Peacock cawing at the feet


When you are looking at this design, you will find a motif of the peacock. The design is done near the heels and ankle and the rest of the foot is left blank. The dark thick lines bring out the beauty of the design and the shape of the peacock at your feet loves to decorate your looks.

Crystals and colors for royal touch

Crystals and colors for royal touch

Best full hands mehandi designs

Designs of peacock is done in a different manner here. The crystals and red color adds to the black mood of the mehandi. The design is simple and most of the feet area is left blank for better imagination.

Red color makes brighter disposition

Red color makes brighter disposition

Here the feet are decorated with mehandi and the red color combination. The contrast brings a stunning beauty for the feet.

Crystals and golden touch up for the feet

Crystals and golden touch up for the feet

Try top 15 engagement mehndi designs for hands

The design is done in black mehandi and in bold lines. The inside area is touched with golden hue and with small silver crystals.

Pakistani bride with paisley and artistic look

Pakistani bride with paisley and artistic look

The brides in Pakistan wear this design that depicts like jewelry for the feet. The fingers have intricate nettings and the paisley design adorns the center of the foot.

Royal design for brides and festivities


15 Best arabic mehndi designs for hands

Brides can wear this design as it is gorgeous and will bring a royal touch to the softer feet. Auspicious design for brides is done with peacock pattern and arches.

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