Why You Should Quit Your Side Hustle (and What You Should Do Instead)

Should you quit your side hustle?

My guest this week says you should, and argues that what you should do instead is find an apprenticeship. Taylor Pearson is the author of the bestselling The End of Jobs, and one of those super-smart individuals we should all pay attention to.

The book is largely a historical perspective on where our economy is today and where we’re going; and it’s at once terrifying yet optimistic. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but wanted to bring Taylor on to bring the high-level philosophy stuff down to a practical level.

If this is the future (and even the present, in many cases), what do we do about it today?

Taylor argues that many side hustles are fueled by short-term thinking. For example, what can I do to make $10k a month in the next 6 months?

This inevitably leads to short-term tactics like black hat SEO and flavor of the week online business models. They work well and you can earn money, but once the tactic dries up, where does that leave you? Are the skills you learned transferable to the next thing?

Instead, he suggests you should take a step back to take a big leap forward. Specifically, he advocates finding an apprenticeship with someone or some company that’s where you want to be in 5-10 years (or that’s clearly on the path to be there). Even if you have to take a pay cut to do it, your upside is so much greater he says it’s a smart choice.

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  • What an apprenticeship is and what makes a good one.
  • Why you should consider an apprenticeship rather than pursuing your part-time side hustle.
  • Where to find worthwhile apprenticeships.
  • A cold email script you can use to start the conversation.
  • How to convince someone to hire you.
  • How to know when your apprenticeship is over, and how to move onto the next thing.
  • Taylor’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


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