What Does a Cardinal Song Sound Like?

Northern cardinals are one of the few bird species with both male and female singers. Learn what a cardinal song sounds like and how cardinals communicate.

Listen for the Cardinal Song

Did you know? Both male and female cardinals sing! Northern cardinals are one of the few species whose female also sings. A pair of cardinals might even share song phrases, using them to communicate at nesting time. Experts believe the cardinal song duet strengthens their bond. Listen for pure, repetitive whistling from cardinal pairs. Females sometimes call while on the nest. Males bring food to the females as they care for baby cardinals to ensure nesting success.

Do northern cardinals mate for life?

Listen to the cardinal’s song in the audio clip below.

Bird songs courtesy of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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Learn about the differences in male and female cardinal songs by watching this video from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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