Top 3 Amazon FBA Private Label Product Research Strategies for 2018


It’s no secret that Amazon FBA is one of the hottest side hustles going right now, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

FBA is Fulfillment by Amazon, the program that allows you to list your own products for sale on Amazon, tap into their giant audience of customers, and have them handle all the shipping when orders come in.

The trick is figuring out which which products to sell, and that’s where Greg Mercer comes in.

Greg has launched over 100 successful products on Amazon, including a few public examples like bamboo marshmallow sticks and hooded baby towels he shared on the blog.

Just those two products alone are earning $12k a month in profit, and he’s formed some cool partnerships with Doctors without Borders and Pencils of Promise to put the proceeds to good use.

Now, you might remember Greg from an episode we did a couple years ago, How to Find Your First Amazon FBA Private Label Product.

At that time, we talked about private label research and strategies for starting an FBA business. Since the landscape has changed a bit since then, I invited Greg back on the show to dive into how he’s picking products today.

The 3 strategies we cover are:

  1. Big demand / bad reviews.
  2. Big sales / poor marketing.
  3. New markets / immature listings.

Greg also breaks down the criteria he likes to see in new private label products, how Amazon ranks products in their internal algorithm, and how he successfully launches his new products quickly.

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  • What’s changed in the FBA world in the last two years.
  • The criteria Greg uses to find profitable products already selling well on Amazon.
  • Why the increased competition and number of FBA sellers hasn’t slowed his business.
  • How to check for seasonal trends and potential legal issues before committing to a product.
  • The 3 strategies Greg uses to research profitable products.
  • His tips for finding a good manufacturer.
  • How to boost your new product listings within Amazon’s search results.
  • How to cost your products and calculate your expected profit.
  • Greg’s #1 tips for Side Hustle Nation.


Now one thing we didn’t cover was the risks of selling on Amazon.

Whenever you’re building your business on someone else’s platform, there’s a risk they could change the rules or shut you down for some arbitrary reason. I’ve heard some scary stressful stories from Amazon sellers, so that’s just something to consider as well.

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If the upfront costs of private labeling have you a little nervous, you might be interested in some of these other ways to make money on Amazon.

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