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The Most Brutal Roast Me Requests Of All Time


What comes to mind when you think of a roast? Many of us probably picture that delicious meal that nanna used to make. You know, the one that comes with pigs in blankets, a delicious main, and all the trimmings you can eat. However, things are changing.

More and more people are now taking part in a different kind of roast. These are the ones when people pick others apart, usually with hilarious comments. Of course, if you’re going to ask the internet to let loose, then you need to be prepared for what the world has to offer.

Some people took to reddit where they asked the community to roast them. Little did they know that people were feeling extra savage and hilarious that day, and they were quickly left with a host of responses that they never expected.

Animalistic family

If we’re going to be compared to any animal in the world, we think we’d be pretty happy with a sloth. Sid the Sloth is the beloved sidekick in the ‘Ice Age’ franchise. However, fans of the movies probably know that the character isn’t known for his brains – or dashing good looks. This woman wanted reddit to roast her, and it wasn’t long before someone replied that she must be related to the very Sid.

We’re sure that sibling rivalry is intense in this family. After all, it can be tough enough when your brother isn’t a Hollywood superstar, let alone one of the most famous sloths on the planet. It’s even worse to find out that Sid is supposedly the more attractive of the two.

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