My YouTube Channel Has Been Demonetised – Part 3

Continuing the saga of YouTube demonetisation, which has affected my channel since August last year, it’s become reminiscent of DCTs ban at Facebook — no specific answers are forthcoming. This is very frustrating because even though I’ve given my channel a complete overhaul and deleted numerous videos which could have been seen as duplicates, there isn’t really much else I can do to meet the spurious claims of re-used content. I know for a fact that a large percentage of channels that are given this reason for demonetisation DO NOT re-use other people’s content, so I’m not the only one, for sure.

Submit Video Appeal


I have now reapplied four times and been rejected four times, so this whole business is now becoming a real challenge. Previously, the video appeal was in BETA, but now it appears to be mainstream, so I’ve submitted a short video explaining why and how I make my videos. This is a slight improvement over having to wait four weeks until the next slot in which one can resubmit because it was only last week when I was rejected the last time.

One can only hope that a human being sees the video and at only 3 minutes and 30 seconds long, I’m sure it won’t bore them to death. Whilst I found the process rather tedious in the sense that I felt I was having to justify the reason my channel exists in the first place, I did learn a few tricks along the way. It often helps to take at least a few grains of comfort from adversity, don’t you think?

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I’m informed that a decision will be forthcoming in 14 days and whilst I’m not holding my breath, it goes without saying that if my channel content can provide me with an income of a couple of hundred dollars a month, then I’m not going to sniff at that. After all, millions of other YouTubers make a tidy living from their channels and I don’t intend to be excluded.

I will of course update this post once I’ve been informed of the result of my appeal.


My video appeal was rejected by YouTube in what is now becoming a predictable outcome. Furthermore, I am informed that:

Videos referenced in your appeal are not representative of your channel

Your appeal focused on a small number of videos on your channel instead of explaining your channel as a whole. In order for your suspension to be overturned, the majority of your channel should follow our policies.

I stuck to the following guidelines and therefore find the reasoning very hard to fathom:

What to include

We want to understand how you create your content, and get a behind-the-scenes view of your process. Your video should:

  • Include the URL of your channel
  • Refer to the AdSense content guidelines. Make sure you address specific parts of the policies and give examples of how your channel follows our guidelines
  • Focus on the channel as a whole, not just individual videos that meet our guidelines
  • Provide visual examples of how you create your content. Where possible, try to make a connection between what you show in your video appeal and what’s on your channel. You can:
    • Show yourself in the video, or provide a voiceover
    • Show how you film your content
    • Show how you edit your content

Yet again, YouTube is not pinning down the actual reason for rejecting my channel for monetisation, but simply giving arbitrary and standard responses which are very frustrating, to say the least.

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Will I be re-submitting my channel? You bet!

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