My Top 10 Side Hustle Fears

It’s a special Friday-before-Halloween edition of The Side Hustle Show!

Today we’re diving into some of the scary moments in my business and some frightening tales from Side Hustle Show listeners.

Even though we’re told to “punch fear in the face,” I think it’s something that will be a constant in our lives. There’s always something to be afraid of.

This was also recorded as a live Periscope broadcast. For the occasional glimpse behind-the-scenes, follow me on Periscope here.

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My Top 10 Side Hustle Fears:

  1. Fear of strangers. Including cold calling. My introverted-self is slowly getting over this as I go to more and more events. 
  2. Fear of making bad decisions. Like for hiring or web development.
  3. Fear of embarrassment. 
  4. Fear of it all coming crashing down. 
  5. Fear of messing up.
  6. Fear of inadvertently breaking the rules and getting in trouble. 
  7. Fear of missing out. And there’s always something to miss out on!
  8. Fear of losing money.
  9. Fear of rejection. Check out Season 2 of Alex Barker’s 66 Day Experiment.
  10. Fear of wasting time. Is this activity my highest and best use? is this getting me where I want to go?

BIG thanks to these awesome entrepreneurs and side hustlers for answering the call to share their scary moments!

Tune in to hear their stories plus one of my most irrational fears.

Fear is something we’ll face every day, but I’ve found it’s often in confronting these scary moments that gives us a leap ahead in life and in business.

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So what are you afraid of? Let me know in the comments below!

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