My $425k Exit … and the Buyer

Recently a friend of mine posted about how he sold his 2.5-year-old Amazon FBA business for over $400k, which I thought was incredible.

The twist was it turned out the buyer was a familiar face as well. Spencer Haws of was the seller, and Ace Chapman of was the buyer.

They are both previous guests of the show. Spencer was on episode 18 of The Side Hustle Show talking about niche sites, and Ace was a guest on episode 182, talking about investing in digital real estate.

Why did Spencer decide to get into the Amazon FBA business?

“I had an idea for a product I used every day, couldn’t find exactly what I wanted on Amazon. So, I decided to find a manufacturer that can make a variation of what I like,” Spencer said.

Why was this business an attractive deal for Ace and his investors?

“The thing that I liked about the deal was the different sources of income,” Ace said.

I decided to invite them both on the Side Hustle Show to give you both sides of the deal.

You’ll hear how Spencer built up the business so quickly, why he decided to sell up, and how Ace found himself on the other end of the deal.

Tune in to hear how Spencer built an FBA business from $0-400k in less than 3 years with no prior experience in this private label space, and how Ace helps his clients raise the funds to buy online businesses.

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  • Why Spencer started his FBA business with no prior experience in the FBA space.
  • How he found his product ideas.
  • Why he decided to sell his business.
  • How he prepped his business for sale and the logistics from the Amazon side.
  • How he came to his list price and how FBA businesses are valued.
  • The aspects that made this an attractive deal for Ace and his investors.
  • The risks involved with selling and buying an FBA business.
  • Plans for the business going forward to grow the revenue.
  • Ace and Spencer’s #1 tips for Side Hustle Nation.


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