Meet the Humble (but Adorable) House Finch

Learn how to identify and attract a house finch. Find out facts about the house finch nest, eggs, range, habitat and song.

House Finch Facts

Roland Jordahl

A western species until the 1940s, the house finch was introduced to the east by an unethical pet dealer, where they quickly spread to all eastern states. They are now a commonly sighted backyard bird.

Scientific Name: Haemorhous mexicanus
Family: Finch

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What Do House Finches Look Like?

Linda Petersen
Male (L) and female (R)

Length: 5-3/4 inches.
Wingspan: 9-1/2 inches.
Distinctive Markings: Male has reddish forehead, breast and rump; a female house finch is streaked gray and brown above, with a lighter underside. Both sexes have brown-streaked bellies.

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What Do House Finches Eat?

Their diet mainly consists of seeds, berries and weeds. Attract them to your backyard bird feeders with nyjer, sunflower seed, mixed birdseed, peanuts, fruit, suet and sugar water.

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Nest and Eggs

Michele Sutton
House finch, juvenile

Their nest is a cup made of natural materials, string and feathers on tree branches or manmade structures; the nest holds four to five spotted bluish-white eggs.

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House Finch Song

house finch

Courtesy Stuart Fiedler

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