How to Stop Blocking Pop-Ups in Safari on the iPad

Pop-ups on websites are rarely anything good. They are either advertisements or annoying options to sign up for newsletters. Fortunately most Web browsers will block pop-ups by default, so you never see most of them.

But occasionally you will actually need to access a Web page that is being blocked by a pop-up blocker. So follow our guide below to learn how you can stop blocking pop-ups in the Safari browser on your iPad.


Turn Off the Pop-Up Blocker in the iPad Safari Browser

The steps below will turn off the pop-up blocker for Safari completely. This means that other sites which are using bad pop-ups will not be blocked. If you are just disabling the pop-up blocker for one specific site, it is usually a good idea to return to the menu below and re-enable the pop-up blocker.


Step 1: Open the Settings menu.

open the settings menu



Step 2: Select the Safari option in the column at the left side of the screen.

open the ipad safari menu



Step 3: Touch the button to the right of Block Pop-ups to stop blocking pop-ups in Safari. There won’t be any green shading around the button when it is turned off.

how to stop blocking pop-ups in safari on the ipad



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