How To: Problem Adding Video To Facebook

Facebook Video Upload Error

My uncle came to me to upload yet another video for him. Usually, I just take them from his camera and upload them from there. I inserted the memory card from his camera into my computer, then copied the movie to my hard drive. I signed in to his account on Facebook and started to upload the video from there.

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Everything seemed to be going OK. I got the standard message that I’ll be notified when the video is ready. But then I noticed a little pop-up message down in the left-hand corner that said:


Sorry, we’re unable to add your video. Please try again. Visit the Video help page to learn about common problems.

I tried it three times with no success. Checking on-line garnered no real results and let’s face it, tech support on Facebook sucks. I know it’s a free service, but we are the product and they make money by sponging off our personal experiences. They owe us something.

I decided to travel the road of least resistance and follow the path that clicks in my mind. I decided to convert the video to another format. Sure enough, the video went through this time.

Windows Movie Maker

I don’t think I’ve ever uploaded a video for myself (just pictures). But certain relatives wanted me to record the snow fall at the time and post that. So I did, only to have to deal with the same issue when I tried to upload my video, so I again opened Windows Movie Maker, dragged the video to the program (no editing, just saved it). I usually choose the For computer option.

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You can choose the For high-definition display option if you want, but in my case, my computer can’t play them back. So I would not be able to check them out before uploading. The highest movie size I can play back is 720.

It works, but I’m beginning to think that my problem is a local one on my system. Maybe the codecs are gone bad or something. I’ll have to replace them and let you know how it turns out.

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