How To: Logon To Windows 8 Automatically

In a previous article I explained how to remove your ‘Lock’ screen. If you want to take it a step further and speed up Windows 8’s boot time even more, you can bypass the logon screen quite easily.

This procedure will automatically logon to your account without requiring the input of credentials (username and password) each time. It is recommended only if you a lone user. If you have a situation where multiple users might access your computer and you have security concerns, do not bypass the logon screen.

On the Start screen type netplwiz and press Enter. Alternatively, you can press the Win key + R to bring up the ‘Run’ box and type netplwiz then press Enter.
The User Accounts window will open, uncheck ‘Users must enter a name and password to use this computer’ then click OK.
You will now get a ‘Sign In’ box open, type in your user name and password and click OK.

Reboot and you should go directly to the Start screen.
If you want to reinstate your logon page, just go back to the user accounts window and check the ‘Users must enter a name and password to use this computer’ box again.

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