How To Disable Facebook Text Delights

We all have commented, “Congrats,” “Best Wishes” or something to that effect on a Facebook post. After doing that you might have noticed an animation appear, like party streamers or clapping hands. This is what Facebook calls Text Delights and they can be a big annoyance to many of us. My mother-in-law contacted me the other day since I am her go-to person with all tech. She recently tried to post a simple “Congrats” message to a friend on Facebook and rather than the normal black text, it was colored and then had an animation. To say the least, she wasn’t pleased and wanted me to remove the update. At the time, I didn’t know if you could disable that feature or not, so I told her some research would be needed. I finally figured out the ways you can make sure these annoying text animations do not attach themselves to your wording. Before we get started here is the complete list of all known Facebook Text Delights words, at least what I could find at the time of writing this:

  • Congratulations 
  • Congrats 
  • xoxo 
  • Bff 
  • Best Wishes 
  • You Got This 
  • Lovely Time 
  • Wonderful Time 
  • You’re the Best 
  • Gooaal 

This will at least help you avoid those altogether. There are frequent changes and updates to the list so if you find a new one (or one has been removed), please let me know down in the comments. Now on to showing you how to remove the Facebook Text Delights from your comment.

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How To Disable Text Delights/Animations On Facebook Comments

Now as far as I can tell, you can only do this on Facebook’s website and not with the phone app. It did work in the past but now my phone is not able to since it updated.

Step 1: Head over to your Facebook account in your favorite web browser. Once in, look for the post you want to say Congrats or another Text Delight trigger word. Once you type the word and hit space it will offer you an X. When you click the X next to the word, it will return to ordinary text as you can see below. That is how you stop it before it happens



Step 2: Now let us say you have already posted the comment and it does the Delight/Animation. Look for the post and your comment. To the right of your comment, you will see the three dots. Click it.


Step 3: This will bring up a menu to either: Edit, Remove Text Delights or Delete. We will choose ”Remove text delights.” Done!


Now before they did the update on my phone, all you had to do was hold your finger on the comment. Then it would give you a menu to remove the Delights. If you are still able to do it, that is great. So we all know how you can either avoid the words or remove the Delights online now.

Side Note: Facebook is doing an update for their online Facebook. This will have Dark mode and look very similar to the Facebook app on your phone. I did notice that it did not have any text Delights when typing those keywords. They might have removed them or are adding them back in later. Thought I would give you all a heads up.

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