How to Create Massive Influence and Profit with Virtual Summits

navid moazzezNavid Moazzez’s online business took an unexpected turn in late 2014. He’d been blogging and podcasting about lifestyle business topics, but wrote one epic “round-up” post that went viral on the subject of personal branding.

Sensing he was on to something, and noticing the success of virtual summits in other industries (like health and fitness), he decided to put together The Branding Summit.

At the time, Navid had a modest list of 1000 email subscribers. The summit quadrupled that number and generated $20,000 in revenue the month it went live. The following month, he earned double that, primarily by promoting affiliate offers to his new-and-enlarged audience.

He quit his job and started living the digital nomad lifestyle. We caught up while he was in Cancun!

With the success of the summit, other members of his audience naturally turned to him to ask how he did it, which made Navid the de-facto “Virtual Summit Guy” — and that’s the topic for this episode: how you can plan, promote, and profit from a virtual summit even if you don’t have a massive online presence just yet.

Navid recently served as the behind-the-scenes puppetmaster for the Self Publishing Success Summit, which generated 25,000 new email subscribers for Chandler Bolt and his team, and did more than $100,000 in revenue from lifetime pass sales. Not bad for 2-3 months worth of work!

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  • The results of Navid’s Branding Summit and Chandler’s Self Publishing Success Summit.
  • How virtual summits work and how they make money.
  • The first things you need to clarify before planning your virtual summit.
  • How to attract awesome speakers for your summit, and how speakers typically get compensated.
  • How many speakers make for a killer virtual conference.
  • Navid’s simple relationship-building tips to give yourself the best chance of landing great speakers.
  • Why design and aesthetics are critical. “Think of your summit like a product.”
  • How this tactic differs from podcast interviews.
  • The technology used to get this done, including video recording and editing software, hosting, affiliate tracking, email service providers, and membership areas.
  • The most effective ways to market your virtual summit for massive exposure.
  • One additional monetization model that many summit hosts overlook.
  • Navid’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


How a “virtual conference” generated 20,000 subscribers and $100,000 in revenue in 2 weeks.

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You’ll also receive my best side hustle tips and weekly-ish newsletter. Opt-out anytime.

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