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We at DCT are proud to announce a new service for our readers. If you are struggling to understand a particular process, software, operating system setting, anything, you can now contact our experts and ask your questions.

To contact an expert, click on “About Us” in the menu across the top of the page and then click “Contact“.

UPDATE: The menu has changed since this post was published. “Ask An Expert” has now been given its own place on the main menu.


Fill out the Contact Form and then click Submit. Please provide as much information as possible to help us assist you including the Operating System (Edition and Version), and specs for any hardware related to your question.

NOTEIf you are experiencing a specific computer problem/issue please use the DCT Forum to post your questions where you will receive assistance in a more timely manner.

The answers to your questions will be published periodically in a special article. If we receive multiple questions regarding the same or a very similar question, we will then create and publish a specific article based on that particular question.

So, ask away.

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