Floral Mehndi Designs – Flower Henna Designs For Hands

This one is a very light-colored mehndi, which comprises various shapes and designs. The wider design, covering the major portion of the palm, joins the pattern that is applied for your pointer finger.

Beautiful floral mehndi designs for hands

The images usually seen in the mehndi design are flowers which are symbols of fertility. Flowers are also meant to represent joy and happiness. The bud of the flower on a bride’s hand is symbolic of growth or new beginnings. Mehndi designs incorporating lotus flower signify grace, sensuality, femininity and purity. Images of flowers are also an indication of the beginning of a new life that a bride is about to adopt and a sign that love will grow and flourish in her married life. A thousand petal lotuses is said to mean unity of the soul with God which gives the mehndi design a religious significance.Vines and leaves along with flowers show devotion and essential in mehndi design on a wedding ceremony.

Floral and paisley designs are very common in mehndi art. These two are essentially the foundation of mehndi art in Rajasthani or Arabic mehndi designs.


This Pakistani floral design covers the fingers, top of the hands and the wrist of the bride. The flowers are balanced with small little oval dot-shaped circles. The diagonal design running over the fingers depict the depth of the creation.



Top floral mehandi designs for hands

This floral design is heavily designed on one palm whereas the other palm has a lighter design. The interiors of the pattern are heavily designed. The fingers contain some portion of the design and there are spaces left empty to give a clear appearance.

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This mehndi floral art is usually done on the bride’s hand. The designing is immensely royal and heavy. It depicts a couple of animals and birds. It has the peacock design merged along with the flowers.An elephant is drawn at the end of each hand, which gives the significance of royalty.



This mehndi pattern is heavily done up, but still reflects simplicity and placidness. The linings are extremely thin and small flowers are drawn in between the gaps.  The design has a peacock with its feathers spread out in the form of flowers.



Some women who do not like heavy designs can try this simple and light floral pattern. The length of the design is till the end of the palm. The outlines in the design are done in dark lines but the design inside them is light, giving it a spacious look.



This back hand mehndi floral design of flowers looks amazing. This usually made for casual occasion. There are thin but dense lines throughout the pattern. Note that the patterns on both hands are different. Still the two designs go as a pair suitable for weddings and other functions as well.



Gujarati mehndi / henna designs for hands

The floral patterns and flower bud designs make this a wonderful floral mehndi design. It is woven with paisley and floral patterns. The pattern spreads from the mid hand to the back of the palms with matching design on the fingers.



This beautiful floral mehndi design is not symmetrical on both hands; still it gives a unique look.  More importance is given to the index finger in this design. The flowers and leaf motifs are filled using shading technique.

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This is a beautiful design that starts from the mid- hand to the tip of the fingers. This floral pattern is a combination of modern and traditional mehndi designs.



This is a superb design where large flowers are used to create a mehndi design for both the hands. The spiral design on the fingers and the floral design going up to the mid hand makes the pattern stunning. There is no shading, except thick outlines are used to complete the design.



Best mehndi designs for legs

This is a simple and sweet design with detailing in fine lines. The design forms a heart when both the palms are joined.The blue and pink glitter addition in the floral motifs makes it more pretty.


arabic-mehndi-designThis is a unique mehndi design accompanied with floral motifs. The large shaded flowers are done on the back of the palm and the paisley designs cover the fingers… The design is asymmetrical and so can be used together or taken separately.



This modern intricate mehndi design is best to decorate a bride’s hand in a beautiful manner. The flowers and the leaves convey the balanced act of nature in an elegant way in the design.



Best flower mehndi designs for legs

Lotus flowers scattered over the palm and fingers give a stunning and beautiful look to the hand. The design is extended up till the mid arm in an ornamental manner.



Here is another modern floral design with a clear intricate pattern. The design is artistically and symmetrically placed in a manner to fill the full palms, extending from the mid hand to the tips of the fingers.

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Mehndi is one thing that all Indian women adore not just because it is an important part of our culture but because of the beauty of the design after it is complete.

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