Facebook Group Marketing and the $4k a Month Sourdough Side Hustle

Teresa Greenway is a mother of 10 who went from working part-time in a bakery to making $5k a month doing what she loves – baking and teaching others how to bake.

More specifically, she teaches how to bake perfect sourdough bread.

Teresa has built a really cool business around this niche at NorthwestSourdough.com.

In the past couple of years, her main revenue driver has been Udemy courses to the tune of several thousand dollars a month.

The main driving force behind this? It turns out Teresa’s secret weapon is a huge Facebook group of engaged followers, fans, and fellow bakers.

With almost 35,000 members, it’s one of the largest baking groups on Facebook, and Teresa said it all started “by accident” back in 2013.

Since then her business and revenue have grown faster than a loaf of her sourdough bread. Teresa earned $1k in the month she released her first Udemy course in April 2015, and it was a life-changing moment. She went on to earn $20k in her first year, and now consistently brings in $4-5k a month.

Teresa did all of this will little to no promotion or marketing. Tune in to hear how she grew her Facebook group so fast, why she decided to start selling courses on Udemy, and how she also uses YouTube and ebooks to drive traffic to her courses and group.

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  • How Teresa’s Facebook group went from 14 friends to thousands of members in months.
  • The types of content she would post to spur conversation and engagement.
  • Why she decided to start making Udemy courses.
  • Her tips for anything wanting to start selling on Udemy.
  • How you can use ebooks to promote your courses or other products.
  • How she promoted her courses without any paid marketing.
  • Teresa’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.


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