Chewy Has an Epic Bird Feeding Sale and We’re Stocking Up

Birders can stock up and save on birdseed and feeders for their backyard birds, with this great holiday sale at

If you’re like me, you’re staying home a lot more these days. Watching the birds in my backyard is a big source of entertainment. I’m making sure my feeders are well stocked so I can watch birds while I work. I especially love to attract cardinals, woodpeckers and nuthatches.

I recently added a new suet feeder to help fuel birds on cold winter days. I’m also offering black-oil sunflower seeds, nyjer thistle seeds and shelled peanuts in tube feeders and nyjer thistle seed in my finch feeder.

While the birds bring me joy every day, sometimes buying birdseed and feeders can get expensive. That’s why I am really excited about these Black Friday deals from I already rely on Chewy to deliver pet food and supplies to my door, and I’m definitely on board to get my bird feeding supplies shipped, too!

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Chewy Cyber Week Deals

Tube bird feeder


Triple Tube Bird Feeder

Deal: $69.49, plus extra 20% discount at checkout (was $79.99)

With this triple tube bird feeder, you can really feed a whole flock. We love that you can fill each tube with a different type of birdseed for a bird buffet! Plus, the copper finish will look gorgeous in your garden. Check out the 10 types of bird feeders you need in your backyard.

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perky pet cardinal feederVia

Perky-Pet Cardinal Bird Feeder

Deal: $27.14, plus extra 30% discount at checkout (was $34.99)

This Perky-Pet cardinal feeder will attract your favorite redbirds and other small songbirds. It would be a great gift for cardinal lovers.

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Attract even more redbirds with the best cardinal bird feeders and birdseed.

droll yankees window feederVia

Droll Yankees Observer Window Feeder

Deal: $9.01, plus extra 30% discount at checkout (was $15.99)

This clear plastic bird feeder attaches to the glass with suction cups, and the plastic roof will keep rain and snow off of the seed. It’s a fun way to watch birds up close—and it will entertain you (and your pets) for hours.

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Psst—our editors’ favorite binoculars are on sale for Black Friday.

perky pet panorama feederVia

Perky-Pet Panorama Feeder

Deal: $24.96, plus extra 40% discount at checkout (was $32.99)

Try this oversized tube feeder to attract finches, chickadees, cardinals, grosbeaks and more. Birds will enjoy perching on the circular rings while they feast on their favorite seeds.

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Check out the best finch feeders to serve thistle seed.

Bird Seed Sale

In addition to amazing deals on bird feeders, this is a perfect time to stock up on extra bags of birdseed (and pet food!) for the winter. You can mix and match several birdseed varieties in a buy two, get one free deal. Some wild bird foods, such as this Kaytee cardinal blend and sunflower hearts and chips, are discounted up to 50% at checkout.

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