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When you’re a guy using Bumble, you might feel like you’re at an automatic disadvantage. Since you don’t have the power to message women until they message you first, you have to work extra hard to stand out in the crowd. But don’t let that discourage you.

Sure, you can’t send the first message. But you can make the most of your profile. It might feel like you’re powerless, but there’s a lot you can do to stand out on Bumble. Follow these tips and you’ll have better matches, convos, and dates in no time.

1. Have really, really good photos.
No, really. You have to have great pictures on your profile. And while everybody knows that’s the number one rule of online dating, there are still so many men who don’t actually follow it. Don’t use pictures of your cat, don’t use group photos, and don’t use a picture of yourself chugging a beer from 10 years ago. Use nice pictures of your face, period.

2. Don’t have any good photos? Take some new ones.
We’re not suggesting you have to hire a photographer to take professional headshots, because you don’t want it to look like you’re trying too hard. But if you’re having a difficult time finding good recent photos, look for opportunities to get better ones. The next time you’re out, ask a friend to take your picture. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, but if they give you a hard time, you can always say it’s for work.

3. Put your best photo first.
There’s a lot riding on your first photo in particular. (No pressure!) The reality is, your first photo might be your only chance to make an impression. Choose one that shows your best self.

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4. But put thought into your other pictures, too.
Once she’s seen a few pictures of your face, it’s okay to get creative—within reason, of course. You still shouldn’t post a picture of your dog, but you CAN post a picture of you posing WITH your dog. If you have any cool hobbies or hidden talents, you can display those photos, too. Basically, show off something that’s worth messaging you about.

5. Spend time writing an attention-grabbing bio.
Again, this is online dating 101—and yet so many people disregard it. If your bio says “Message me if you want to get to know me,” guess what? She’s not going to message you. You may only have 300 characters, but you can still use them to pique her interest. Much like with your photos, you can use your bio to give her something that’s worth messaging you about.

6. Ask a fun question in your bio.
Even though you can’t send the first message, asking a fun or unique question is a secret in. Would you rather have breakfast for dinner, or dessert for breakfast? What was your best AIM away message? Asking a question makes it easy for her to start a conversation. If it’s a really good one, she’ll be compelled to message you with a response.

7. Take it seriously.
If you’re not getting better matches or more messages from the types of women you want to date, take a step back and examine your profile with a critical eye. If you were a woman looking for a date, would you date you? Even if you think you’re taking it seriously, you might come off as someone who isn’t. Being sincere will get you very far.

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If you don’t think you’re getting the most out of Bumble, these tips can make all the difference. They’re easy changes you can make today that will lead to better matches and conversations right away.

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