Best THC Gummies: Most Potent Weed Edibles On The Market

With the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, the gates were opened for a new market of hemp-based products. As people made advancements in extraction methods, these companies began working toward creating a variety of products that use lesser-known cannabinoids that people could enjoy the use of. One of the most prominent examples of this is delta 8.

The THC molecule has quite a few different forms with the most well-known form being delta 9, the main compound in marijuana that provides the high people seek. Delta 8 is similar to delta 9, but the small difference in molecular structure allows for it to be about half as potent. This means that its psychoactive effects are not quite as strong, giving people a milder, smoother high with fewer negative side effects. With this revelation, the cannabis industry sees the pages turn to a new chapter of a brand-new branch of products.

This guide focuses on what some of the best THC gummies are in 2021, looking into delta 8 gummies specifically, and will provide some guidance on the best way to search for companies you can make a well-informed decision about.

First things first, you need to understand what makes delta 8 as popular as it is.

Understanding the Differences Between Delta 8 and Delta 9

To put things simply, one of the biggest reasons why people are turning from delta 9 to delta 8 is because it offers the same health benefits without nearly as many of the risks of a bad high as delta 9 tends to have. In people who are particularly sensitive to anxiety and paranoia, delta 8 provides some relief through a smoother experience.

On a Federal Level, Delta 8 Gummies Are Legalized

Delta 8 gummies are far more available to purchase and easier to find because they are federally legal. Even if you do not have a dedicated delta 8 vendor near you, with online shopping, you can easily have these products mailed to your door without nearly as much fear and anxiety about breaking potential laws. Most places that offer CBD products are likely to also offer delta 8 products as well.

Keep in mind that even if it is federally legal, some state governments have banned delta 8. These states include Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah. In these 12 states, delta 8 is illegal.

Delta 8 Highs Are Reportedly Less Anxiety-Inducing

Even if you accidentally misjudge your dose and take too much, there’s a chance you will feel drowsy, tired, and confused. Your cognitive abilities will be impaired for the duration of the delta 8 dose, but this is the extent of it. The negative effects of taking too much aren’t nearly as overwhelming as they can be with standard marijuana.

The Effects of Delta 8 Can Last Longer Than Delta 9

Some preliminary studies show that despite delta 8’s lowered potency and delayed onset, some people have found that it can last longer. There are also anecdotal reports that come to the same conclusion, leading some to believe that delta 8 can provide a longer-lasting high than delta 9 can.

Delta 8 Can Be Purchased Far More Easily Than Delta 9

Delta 8 is legal at a federal level, so it becomes far easier to search for a vendor online and have it delivered to your location, assuming that you do not live in one of the 12 states where it has been outlawed.

What Goes Into Selecting the Best Delta 8 Vendors?

Now that you have a good sense of why delta 8 gummies are quickly becoming more popular, you will want to make sure that you know how to shop safely. This field is a relatively new one, so there are far fewer regulations and standards than there typically are. This places much of the responsibility to shop safely onto you as the buyer.

To begin, you should have a good sense of the following areas before you make your purchase from a vendor:

  • The Extraction Process: You should be able to easily find how a company extracts the delta 8 from their plants and all of the steps they take to ensure that the end result is clean, pure, and doesn’t have any remaining contaminants left.
  • The Hemp Source: You should be able to have a sense of where the hemp was grown and whether or not the growing process was organic. As a rule of thumb, hemp grown in the United States tends to be preferred as farmers tend to have some of the strictest procedures to follow for organic growth.
  • The Ingredients: You should be able to see what goes into creating the delta 8 product beyond the hemp extract itself. This includes what other ingredients there are, whether or not they are safe, if they are grown organically, and if they are allergen and intolerance safe.
  • The Effects: You should have a sense of if the gummies provided by a company give the type of high that the company claims. Gummies designed for energy and euphoria should provide exactly that and gummies designed for sleep and relaxation should only provide that.
  • The User Feedback: You should be able to see what other people say about the products and if there is a general consensus on how effective the products are at providing the effects that were advertised. If there are people who have strongly negative opinions, you should be able to see why.
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The Top Five Delta 8 Vendors Online

1. Area52



  • Affordably priced
  • Available in three flavors
  • 25 mg of delta 8 per gummy
  • Uses pure, unbleached delta 8 distillate
  • Uses US-grown hemp
  • All products tested via third-party lab


  • Not available locally
  • No low-dose gummies

While Area52 is a relatively new brand, their combination of quality and transparency allows them to make the headlines of even the most renowned magazines. By using organically grown hemp and through a slow extraction method, the delta 8 remains as pure as possible. In addition to the gummies, they also offer tinctures and vape carts, with all their products being tested by a third-party lab for both potency and purity.

You can find mentions of Area 52 products in online publications such as Peninsula Daily News, Herald Net, Seattle Weekly, Juneau Empire, and many others.

Each pack of gummies comes with 30 per bag and each gummy packs 25 mg of delta 8, meaning that a single bag can go a long way. The gummies are made to be non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, and have received awards from popular publications for the quality of their product.

2. Finest Labs



  • US-grown hemp
  • CO2 extraction method
  • 25 mg of delta 8 per gummy
  • Broad-spectrum extract
  • Vegan
  • Strawberry
  • Third-party lab testing


  • Somewhat more expensive compared to other brands
  • Only one flavor option

Another new brand in the THC realm, this company specializes in making sure that they can provide quality products as well as provide all of the information necessary for customers to feel confident in their purchase. The hemp is sourced from Colorado and California, both of which are known for having the best conditions for a good product. They also rely on third-party lab tests through each stage of the production process to ensure both purity and potency. The gummies may come in only one flavor, but the potency packs a punch allowing for people to feel the effects in only one to two gummies.

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3. 3Chi



  • Has a good reputation among regular users
  • 25 mg of delta 8 per gummy
  • Available in two flavors
  • Available in two different packages
  • Third-party testing for potency and purity


  • No low-dose options
  • Not much information on the source of hemp
  • Uses artificial colorings and flavors

This company has been around for quite a while compared to the previous two companies and offers a wide range of products beyond just gummies. One benefit of this company is the fact that they offer two different sized bags of gummies, with one having 8 gummies and the other having 16. If you have a good sense of what your dosage is, this can help you budget accordingly and choose the one that will work best for you. The downside is that a lot of information about the source of 3Chi’s hemp is missing, meaning that it may not be organically grown or grown in the proper environment.

4. Diamond CBD



  • Reliable company
  • 50 gummies per jar
  • Two flavor options
  • Both delta 8 and CBD isolate in each gummy
  • Third-party testing for potency and purity


  • Prices are comparatively high
  • No international shipping
  • Number of products can be overwhelming

Within the realm of CBD, this company is one of the most reliable that you can look at. They chose to branch out into delta 8 as it became more popular. They provide two flavors of gummies to try with those being “fruity” and “tropical.” Their gummies offer a unique mix of CBD isolate and delta 8 in them, and they come in two strengths: 25 mg and 10 mg.

Some of the problems with this company include the fact that they are not vegan-friendly and that the list of ingredients is full of artificial flavors, coloring, and other additives to affect the texture. If you are looking at delta 8 gummies for the sake of health, these may not be your best choice.

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5. Delta Effex



  • Five flavors per bag
  • Pure delta 8 distillate
  • Third-party testing for potency and purity
  • 20 mg of delta 8 per gummy


  • Not a lot of information about the company
  • Not vegan-friendly
  • Very strict return policy

This company is a bit unique in the fact that they offer both delta 8 and delta 10 options, with delta 10 being similar to delta 8. They offer quite a few products besides gummies, including tinctures, vape cartridges, flowers, concentrates, and pods. The gummies are sold in packs of 10, with 20 mg per gummy, making the packs a bit smaller than some of the competition. The bags will have five flavors, which is more than most places offer. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t mention much about the source of their hemp. The products are not vegan-friendly either as they contain gelatin in them.

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Understanding What Delta 8 Gummies Are

As you learn more about the different brands of delta 8 and what they offer, you may find yourself wondering what exactly delta 8 gummies are and what they should contain. Strictly speaking, most delta 8 gummies are similar to marijuana gummies. They are made from a gummy base that is infused with delta 8 and then processed the same way that any other gummy would be.

In terms of what the gummies should contain, it should begin with a pure delta 8 distillate from a high-quality strain. Any sweeteners used should ideally be organic as well as fruit juices and concentrates. Gummies of any sort need to have a stabilizer, and this is often gelatin or fruit pectin depending on if it is made to be vegan-friendly or not.

One of the reasons why gummies are a preferred form of intake is the fact that they offer a fixed dose every time you take one, unlike vaping and oils. You won’t have to fret with a dropper, nor will you have to worry about the learning curve of vaping. Instead, you just look at the number listed on the analysis and enjoy your gummies.

Do Delta 8 Gummies Induce a High?

Delta 8 gummies do produce a high, albeit a milder one than delta 9 typically offers. Generally, delta 8 is about half as potent as delta 9. If you have used marijuana gummies before, you can estimate the effects of the gummy based on that knowledge. Delta 8 often offers a high that is clearer and easier to tolerate than delta 9. Most people report that there are fewer of the negative side effects, such as the cognitive impairment, the anxiety, and the sedation with delta 8.

How Do You Properly Shop for Delta 8 Gummies?

There are a few different areas you will want to pay attention to when you begin shopping for delta 8 gummies. While it might seem like quite a lot of information to take in at first, all of this will help you make a well-informed choice on which delta 8 product you want to try.

The Quality of Ingredients

It depends heavily on what you are looking for, but the quality of the ingredients used can have a large impact on how you feel about the gummies offered by a delta 8 company. Some people care quite a bit about artificial sweeteners, colors, and additives that do not necessarily need to be in the recipe. Other people simply want something that tastes and feels good. Regardless of where your priorities are, you should always review the ingredients before you purchase any gummies so you can see if they align with your interests and dietary requirements.

The Product’s Source

The source of the hemp plays a role in the quality of the product. If the hemp was grown in an environment where it can flourish, there’s a good chance that the quality of the product is going to be much higher than that of a product made from a withered and dying hemp plant. Various countries will have their own standards for farmers to follow and as a rule of thumb, you will always want your hemp to be organically grown so that there is no chance of pesticides lingering in the extract from the hemp.

The Extraction of Delta 8

There are two key areas you will want to pay attention to when it comes to extracting delta 8. You will first need to pay attention to the extraction process, which could be CO2, olive oil, or ethanol extractions. Different extraction methods have their benefits and disadvantages that affect the overall profile of the product. You will also need to pay attention to what exactly is being extracted. Some companies extract single strains and filter out cannabinoids and terpenes, adding them back later. Others will extract everything, known as full-spectrum, which brings along entourage effects that can boost the benefits that delta 8 already offers.

The Results From the Lab

All reports from third-party testing should come with a Certificate of Analysis ensuring that they are legitimate and authentic. A sign that a company is reliable is when they readily make their COAs available for download or provide the report upon request. The best companies make sure to test each and every batch throughout all stages of production so that you can have a good sense of both the potency of the product and how pure it is.

The Potency of the Product

Delta 8 may be milder than delta 9, but you should still pay attention to the dosage. Even if you take too much, it can leave you feeling tired and confused. You should always start with the lowest dose and assess your tolerance from there. A good rule to keep in mind is that you can always ingest more, but you can’t remove it once it has gotten into your system.

The Flavors Offered

All cannabinoid products have a distinct, strong taste to them. Most people, especially people who are not used to this taste, find it quite off-putting and may stay away from products with such a strong taste. When you are looking for gummies that you want to enjoy, you should try and make sure that you find a company that not only offers flavors you will like, but that doesn’t have as strong of a cannabinoid taste to it.

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The Brand’s Overall Reputation

Whenever you are purchasing products from a vendor you are not used to, you should always try and do your research. You should consider looking up reviews about the company and see if any communities have done in-depth research on the brand’s practices, quality, and products before purchasing them. Reputation is incredibly important when it comes to delta 8 and other THC products.

The Price of the Product

Price should not be the final determining factor in whether or not you choose to purchase from a company, but it should still be something that you are aware of. Delta 8 takes a fair bit more work than CBD does, meaning it will often be a bit more expensive. The higher quality gummies are not going to be inexpensive, but there are absolutely enjoyable gummies that are also affordable.

What Dosage Should You Start with?


If you are already familiar with marijuana gummies, you can assess your dose by simply taking twice as many delta 8 gummies as you would take for delta 9, since delta 8 is approximately half the potency. Only do this if you are confident in your tolerance, otherwise you should begin with the lowest dose that you can obtain first, moving your way up as you familiarize yourself with the way delta 8 affects you.

Most people will find their comfortable dose between 10 mg and 60 mg, though there will always be outliers on either end. At 10 mg, the psychoactive effects of delta 8 are going to be mild and may not even truly give you a “high.” Many people report feeling elevated and uplifted at this dose. At around 30 mg, people begin feeling the high more, equating it to mild intoxication. The closer to 60 mg you get, the more intoxicated you may feel.

Always be responsible with what you consume. You can always take more gummies, but you cannot remove them from your body once the delta 8 has been absorbed.

Are Delta 8 Gummies Safe?

While there haven’t been many studies on the toxicity of delta 8 in humans, delta 8 is widely regarded as being safe for human consumption. Cannabinoids are not known to cause fatal overdoses. The danger to delta 8 gummies resides in the fact that the field is completely unregulated, meaning that there are people who may not properly process all of the solvents out after the extraction and synthesization of delta 8. This is one reason why you always need to be mindful of those third-party reports so you know what you are ingesting and stay away from companies that cannot provide those reports.

In general, delta 8’s benefits greatly outweigh the risks, which is how it has become as popular as it is.

What Are Some Benefits to Delta 8?

There are quite a few benefits that delta 8 offers. Many of them are similar to delta 9, especially in the sense of easing common ailments that people encounter. Some of these include pain, inflammation, stress, anxiety, nausea, and vomiting. Delta 8 has been known to provide relief from all of these problems as well as promote appetite and strengthen brain cells.

How Long Do They Take to Kick in?

Delta 8 is known for having a delayed onset compared to delta 9, though the exact amount of time that it takes to kick in depends on how you have brought delta 8 into your system. For example, gummies tend to be the slowest way that your body handles delta 8 as it has to be metabolized by the liver. This can take between one and two hours for most people. Thankfully, when eaten through gummies, the effects tend to last longer because it is gradually released into the bloodstream via the liver.

What Research Is There on Delta 8’s Benefits?

Delta 8 is still pretty new, so there aren’t a lot of studies done on how it affects people and what benefits it can provide with prolonged and regular usage. One study came to the conclusion that because delta 8 promotes appetite, it could potentially be helpful for people who struggle with appetite problems. Another study done by the National Cancer Institute found that delta 8 may have some anxiolytic, antiemetic, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties to it. This means that it has anti-anxiety properties, anti-nausea properties, pain-reducing properties, and may help strengthen brain cells.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects?

As with any substance that can be ingested, there is always the risk of side effects. Most of delta 8’s side effects become apparent if you have taken too much of it. These side effects include a dry mouth, red eyes, sedation, irritation, inability to focus, short-term memory impairment, increased appetite, and potentially mental discomfort.

Final Thoughts: Delta 8 Gummies and What to Remember

The best way to begin your search for the right delta 8 gummies is to know what your priorities are, and then using that to find a brand that suits your needs. Now that you know what to look for in a reliable brand, you will be able to weed out the unreliable brands and find the ones that offer gummies that cater specifically to what you want from them.

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