65 Best Places to Hide Money Around Your Home (Sneaky!)


If you want to hide some cash around your house at home, here are some handy tips.

We all have times when we need money quickly, but it can’t be too easy for thieves to find our cash. Lock up your money away from burglars by putting it in hidden places.

That’s why hiding it away is such a good idea.

You work hard to make money and shouldn’t allow it to be stolen. Whether you don’t know where the best spots are or would like a few more ideas, we can help.


Where to Hide Money

Check out our list of the best places to hide money…

1. Inside a Pringles can

Not many people will think to look for cash in a can of Pringles!

2. In a makeup palette

An empty makeup palette, like an Eyeshadow Palette is a great option. You can always put the money in a plastic bag to protect it further.

3. Under the drawers

People are more likely to look in the drawers than under them.

4. In a pencil case

Pencil cases are so everyday that most people won’t expect to find cash in there.

5. In the laundry basket

Just so you’re aware, money isn’t particularly clean to start with, so tucking it away in the laundry hamper won’t make any difference. I doubt anyone would look through a dirty laundry basket for cash.

6. Inside a flashlight

Wrap a bill around the battery of your flashlight, put the flashlight back together, and no one will find your cash except you.

7. Inside a book on the bookshelf

Put the bill in one of your books on your bookshelf. If you have a large collection, think about where it would be least exposed to detection. If you’re not sure, just remember which book it is in!

8. Under the ironing board cover

Just place the bill under the ironing board cover and it will be hidden away!

9. Inside of an opaque pill bottle

If you have an opaque bill bottle that’s empty, consider rolling up some bills and hiding them in there. Place the bottle back in your cabinet.

10. Conceal cash in a vase

This works with plastic flowers. Just put the cash at the bottom, and put the plastic flowers on top, and your money will be concealed!

11. Inside of an old home phone handset

Most people don’t use the home phone anymore because newer, better technology for communication is available. But if you need an old phone like this one, it’s easy to remove the batteries. To hide money, place a dollar bill on the battery and put it back in. The cash will now be hidden away securely

12. Inside the base of an old home phone

The base of a house phone is also a good place to store cash.

It’s a little more complicated than just storing it in the handset. Take apart your phone carefully. Unscrew any screws that are keeping it together and set them aside to avoid losing anything before reassembling your device. Open up the base and put your money in, then close it back up. That’s it!

13. In a cereal box

Hide cash between the bag and cardboard box.

14. Behind the photo in a picture frame

Hide your money in a photo frame.

15. Under the TV

Place bills under the base of your TV and they’ll be securely hidden away in plain sight.

16. Inside a cassette player

Have an old cassette player you don’t use? Hide cash in the cassette tape compartment.

17. Behind the wall clock

An easy place to hide cash.

18. Within a DVD Case

You could hide the money behind the disk or in the case between the cover image and the plastic coating.

19. In the attic hatch

Hide the money in the hatch to the attic.

20. At the bottom of a plant pot

If you need to hide large amounts of money without attracting too much attention, just stick it in a plant pot. Use a Ziploc bag so the cash doesn’t get wet or dirty.

21. In the freezer

Put the cash in a Ziploc bag and hide it under food in the freezer.

22. Inside a coffee jar

If you have an opaque coffee jar, hide your cash in there.

23. Inside wall compartment

You can put your belongings, like cash, jewelry, or precious metals where you wouldn’t expect them with outlets on your TV. Just make sure you learn more about outlet covers like the TV Outlet Cover to make sure they are tamper-resistant. All you have to do is secure the cardboard with no screws in the cover plate tightly so that it won’t fall down into the wall. Replace the cover plate after that and you’re good to go!

24. Inside a box of Christmas decorations

Not many people are going to think to look for cash among Christmas lights and holiday decorations.

25. Inside a CD case

Hide cash in the little booklet that comes inside most CD cases. Or you could stash the money where the disk goes.

26. Inside a box of cat food

You can conceal money in a box of cat food. You can store bills below and between the pouches of cat food.

27. Within a tennis ball

Lots of people might not even think to look for money in a canister shaped like a tennis ball – that’s why the shape made such a great place to conceal it. You want to make an opening in the canister where you can easily put money in and take it out. If everyone is using the tennis balls for actual tennis, no one will ever know they’ve got cash in there.

28. Inside a pen

You can roll up a bill in the inside of a pen, put the pen back together and you have a great spot for concealing your money. Just make sure you don’t let anyone borrow the pen!

29. Inside your shoes

If you have shoes you don’t wear that often, consider storing cash in them. To make this a better hiding place, remove the soles and store cash underneath them!

30. Inside a curtain rod

With the ends detachable from most adjustable rods, this is a good place to store cash. Just disassemble, roll up your money and tie a rubber band around. Place it into the adjustable rod and reattach the cap to close off any possible holes. Done!

31. Within couch cushions

Most sofa cushions have a zipper that allows you to open the cushion. You could open up the cushion, put some cash inside, and zip it back up. It’s not a place that many people would think to look.

32. Inside dining room chairs

Dining room chairs that are upholstered sometimes have a zip so that you can take off the cover and wash it. You could store some cash in there.

33. Rolled up in socks

Sure, a shoe or a sock drawer might seem like cliché places to hide money, but what about inside the shoe/sock itself? Most people wouldn’t even think of looking for cash there

34. Bottom of a kitchen shelf

Place money in an envelope and tape it to the bottom of a kitchen shelf.

35. On the back of your toilet

Place money in a watertight plastic bottle or jar in the tank on the back of your toilet.

36. At the bottom of your child’s toybox

Since most people won’t think to look for money in a child’s toybox, this can be a good place to store cash. Just put it in an envelope and place it at the bottom of the toybox.

37. In a pocket of a shirt or jacket

I once pulled out a jacket only to find money in there. Turns out, it was a safe place to keep it! So put cash in the pocket of a certain shirt or jacket in your closet.

38. In a folder in your filing cabinet

Place cash in a random folder in your filing cabinet and it’s sure to be safe.

39. Behind a hanging mirror

Put the money in an envelope and tape it to the back of a mirror. Then just hang the mirror on the wall as you normally would.

40. Buried in the back yard

It sure is hard to find a good hiding place these days. You might want to consider burying your money in the back yard. Just put it in a jar and bury it halfway down in the ground. You’ll want to ensure that the container you use is airtight and waterproof, so the coins don’t get wet or ruined in any other way. Make sure you just remember where you buried it!

41. Bottom of a dresser drawer

You can put money in an envelope and tape it to the bottom of a dresser drawer, so you can reach it from the inside from the dresser below it.

42. Inside a jar of flour

Put the cash in a plastic baggie inside of a flour container.

43. Inside unused children’s toys

Toys can be used to store money. And it’s an effective way to hide it because no one is going to take the time to look for money in kid’s toys! Choose a toy your child no longer plays with and store the money in there.

44. Empty wine bottle

If you use a wine rack or cupboard to hold your wine, hiding cash in an empty bottle is easy. Just make sure to break the bottle to reach the money before burying it back inside the rack.

45. Soda bottle

Any opaque or colored plastic soda bottle is a good storage solution for cash. Roll up some bills, place them in the bottle, put the lid on, and store it alongside your other soda bottles.

46. In the insultation

Most people would never consider digging through the insulation in a home to find cash.

That’s why it’s one of the safest places to keep your money at home.

47. Within the curtain hem

Most curtains have a hem on the top or bottom piece. The hems can be used to store bills for your next shopping spree.

Fold up your money and insert it into the folds at the top of the window curtain. This is a better place to store money, because if you put your cash in the bottom part, it may get wet by accident.

48. Old VHS player

If you still have a VHS player in the house then use it to hide your money. You can keep it in the tray or even open the entire thing & store something inside. You can always unscrew the video cassette and create a space for the cash, place it in there, and screw it back together.

49. In an empty shampoo bottle

You can store money in an empty shampoo bottle by rolling it up and then placing it in. Make sure to put the lid back on after you’re done for storage. This also works with empty bottles from other cosmetics, like sunscreen, conditioner, and moisturizer. Ensure you wash the bottle thoroughly before use and consider putting the money in a plastic baggie before you place it into the bottle.

50. In a pair of gloves

Roll up the bills and place one in each finger of a pair of gloves. No one will think to look there. Place the gloves back where you keep them.

51. At the bottom of a tissue box

No one is likely to look there!

52. Underneath the sofa

Place the cash in an envelope and tape it underneath the couch.

53. Under the tray in a box of chocolates

Under the plastic tray where the chocolates are stored can be a good place to store money. Just place it in a plastic baggie first.

54. Cosmetics bag

If you have a makeup bag handy, consider tucking money in there. People are much less likely to think to look for your cash in there than they are out of your handbag or wallet. Either put it into a plastic bag first or alternatively, if the bag has sufficient room, just pop the cash inside!

55. Under the floorboards

If you have a loose floorboard, consider hiding money in a box under there. Preferably the loose floorboard needs to be in a spot where it’s covered over with something like a rug or coffee table.

56. Under the dining room table

Place the money inside an envelope and tape it to the underside of the dining table. Nobody would think to look there, but it’s very easy for you to remember.

57. In a toolbox

If you have a toolbox, consider putting some cash in a plastic baggie and storing it beneath your tools.

58. Photo album

Hide your valuables in the photo album. This is a great place because not only are photos usually kept for years, but most people don’t want to steal them!

59. Inside a pack of toilet paper

Let’s face it, the last place a person would think to look for cash would be inside a pack of toilet paper!

60. Under a lamp

Whether it’s a floor lamp or a table lamp, you can hide money under the lamps in your home.

Secret Cash Hiding Products

There are plenty of ways to hide money. A few methods involve opening up a bank account in another name, but this has its limits on how much you can store while still earning interest. There are also high-end safes that are fireproof that you could use at your office or home, but they are typically quite expensive if you have a lot of funds to protect

If you can’t justify spending $100s or $1000s on a safe (fireproof, waterproof or any other form) you may want to consider buying relatively inexpensive products that are specifically designed for concealing money.

These products look like an ordinary household product, but they are designed to hide money

They’re not essential. I think that the places above work just as well but are free!

Still though it’s something to consider.

Here are a few examples of products you can buy to hide money…


61. Secret Stash Electrical Plug

Basically, this product looks like an outlet, but it’s really a wall safe.

62. Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe

Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe

This product looks like a regular old can of Coca Cola. Really though, it’s a safe.

63. AmazonBasics Book Safe

AmazonBasics Book Safe

Designed to look like a book, this product offers a small safe where you can hide money away.

64. Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe

Southern Homewares Hair Brush Secret Hidden Diversion Safe

No one is going to think to look for money in a hairbrush. That’s why this safe that looks like a regular hairbrush is such a great product.

65. Stalwart 82-5894 Hidden Compartment Wall Working Analog Clock

Stalwart 82-5894 Hidden Compartment Wall Working Analog Clock

This clock functions like a normal clock except that it has a hidden compartment where you can store your cash.

Worst Places to Hide Money

As soon as you tell a person this information, what was once a secret becomes public-knowledge. Awareness is important for any would-be thief to consider when thinking about stealing from you because he or she won’t have the element of surprise.

Over time, some of these places actually become the worst places for hiding cash because they are old news

Ever heard of banks? Or traditional investments?

Here are the worst places to hide money:

  • Toilet Tank

  • Inside Drawers

  • In a purse/handbag

  • Under the mattress

These are a few examples of places where burglars do look for money first. So avoid them at all cost!

So where should you not hide money in your house?

To avoid burglars finding your belongings & valuables, you should avoid cliché hiding places as much as possible. Again, think outside the box. Look in and around your house for foolproof hiding places that not only could keep your money safe from the elements (fire, water damage, etc.) but could also provide a secure place where the odds of your stuff being discovered by a burglar are nonexistent or very low.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for tips on where to hide your money, then you’ve come to the right place! You can be assured that your cash will stay safe.

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