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Texting your gf, bf, booty call, or potential f*ckboy can get REAL dull REAL fast if you don’t know how to mix up the conversation and keep it sexy and hot.

Like seriously, how many times can you say, ‘I want to kiss you,’ or ‘I can’t stop thinking about you,’ OR the dullest of all, ‘I wish you were here right now.’ 

Reality Check: Your bae isn’t there with you, so it’s up to you to find a way to keep them hooked through your steamy sexts. 

A fun way to do this is through the wonderful world of emojis. With emojis, there are so many ways to say something new and sexy while making someone crave your touch. All you have to do is get a little creative with the library of emojis you have at your disposal.

But, if you’re feeling a little lost and don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. These are the top 50 dirty emojis you can use to reel in that special piece of a**. 

50 Sexting Emojis & Their Meaning

1. Winking Face

winking face

This one is pretty versatile and can be used in sexting and in flirty conversations. You can add this emoji as punctuation to a compliment to show the person that you’re texting your true intentions.

Or, you can add it in addition to your playfully teasing them about something.

It’s even possible to just send this as a flirty ‘hello’ to get their attention and let them know where you’d like the conversation to go.

2. Eggplant


The eggplant is the international emoji sign for a big d*ck. It can be used in so many fun sexts that will heat up the conversation and keep your partner wanting more. 

3. Hot Pepper

hot pepper

This one is SPICY. The chile pepper is a subtle way to say that you’re looking for some playtime that’s a little more than vanilla. The chile pepper can refer to kinks, but it can also be used to tell your partner you think they’re too hot to handle!

4. Fire


Everyone likes to be told they’re on fire and that’s just what this flame emoji is used for. 

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5. Bone


You’ve probably heard the term ‘bone’ when it comes to discussing sex or a penis, and that’s why this emoji exists, well, at least in our book! Use this to tell someone you’d definitely be down for rolling in the sheets with them or to compliment their you-know-what.

6. Carrot


The carrot is another penis emoji that’s fun to play with – no pun intended. You can pair it with a bunny rabbit to let your partner know that you’re totally willing to stick it in your mouth. 

7. Banana


Of course, the banana emoji is associated with a dude’s d*ck too. Straight from the produce aisle, the banana is the most classic reference to a penis we have.

Send him this emoji alongside others to show that you want to kiss it, lick it, stroke it, whatever you want to do to it. This emoji definitely does a good job of getting your bae’s attention.

8. Strawberry


The strawberry is the DTF emoji you probably didn’t even know existed. This means you are ripe, ready, and raring to go! This will definitely get a fast reply from your partner. 

9. Sushi


Everyone loves sushi and in this case, we mean ‘vagina.’ 

10. Cherries


Cherries, when sent in a sext, can mean one of two things. First, it could be referring to a girl’s virginity. You can definitely use this emoji to ‘play innocent,’ even if you’re far from it.

This sex emoji can also be used to refer to the testicles, because well, just look at it!

11. Peach 


We don’t know who was the first person to decide that a peach looks like a big ripe a**, but they were so totally right. Everyone loves a big booty and this peach emoji can be used in so many flirty sexts.

12. Taco


The penis has so many emojis attached to it, so for the sake of equality, the vagina should too. The taco is one that sexters love to use to refer to a girl’s p*ssy. We think it’s a great reference because what’s better than a taco?

13. Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie

The fortune cookie is a vagina reference too. Like seriously, just look at it. We can definitely see it.

14. Hot Dog

Hot Dog

How many times have you heard the dirty tease, ‘how many hot dogs can you fit in your mouth?’ This hot dog emoji is a perfect way to tease a blowjob to your texting pal. 

15. Lollipop


Another way to tease a blow job to that special someone is to use the lollipop emoji. This is a major throwback to Lil Wayne who was the original person encouraging us to lick the lollipop. 

16. Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt

Lightning is intense, bold, and shocking. Use this emoji to intensify the spark between you and your bae. 

17. Camel


We all know camels have humps. So, if you use this emoji in a sext, your partner will definitely understand what you’re looking to do with them. 

18. Fireworks


Have you ever had a sexual experience so crazy-intense that you saw fireworks? Well, by using this sex emoji in your sext you could promise your partner just that. 

19. Scissors


The term scissoring is obviously represented by these emoji scissors. Like, for real, what else would you use that for? A haircut? They already have a separate emoji for that.

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20. Shower 


A shower emoji can be a super flirty way to tell your lover that you’d love to join them for a quick wash-up.

It can also be used to tease them that you’re taking a shower without them, but of course, thinking dirty thoughts about them while you get clean. 

21. Hammer


Bang Bang Bang. A hammer is the obvious choice for referring to a good bang. We think this emoji hits the nail on the head. 

22. Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Sorry, Cancer, but your zodiac sign emoji is being used for some dirty deeds. This crab-shaped constellation also resembles 69-ing (giving each other oral sex), so if you’re into that, note this emoji down for later.

23. Bed 


The bed is clearly an emoji to use when talking about love-making as it’s the most traditional love-making spot of all time. 

24. Rollercoaster


This is one of the newer trending emojis in sexting. The rollercoaster means to ‘hop on’ for a ‘wild ride.’ 

25. Finger Pointing 

Finger Pointing

Whether you use the finger pointing up or the finger pointing to the side, it describes fingering. 

26. Partying Face

Party Face

The party face can be used to describe a sex party or a party for two…if you know what we mean. 

27. Drool Face

Drool Face

The drool face emoji is not only good to use when talking about food. In fact, we love to use it when someone has you super turned-on. It can also be used in a sext to illustrate c*m on a face after a blowjob. 

28. Halo Face

Halo Face

The halo face is a fun way to play innocent in a sext. 

29. Kiss Mark

Kiss Mark

The Kiss mark is a sexy way to say ‘goodnight’ or can be paired with other sex emojis to let your partner know where you want to kiss them.

30. Tongue


The tongue is a symbol of dirty lust and that’s why we love to use it in combination with other sex emojis to let our partners know where we want to put it. 

31. Rhino

‘Horny as a rhino’ sums up this rhino emoji. 

32. Devil Horns

Devil Horns

The frowny devil is a little scary, but the smiling devil is one of our favorite sexting emojis. It gives your partner a sense of danger…but FUN danger. 

33. Hiding Monkey Face

Hiding Monkey Face

The cute embarrassed monkey face emoji is the best way to ‘blush’ over text. 

34. Explosion


Similar to the fireworks emoji, this emoji can promise your partner a lavish and long-lasting orgasm. 

35. Water Droplets

Water Droplets

Speaking of orgasms, the water droplets emoji represents just that.

36. Quiet Face

Quiet Face

With this emoji, let your partner know they have to be quiet while you’re screwing them so you don’t wake up the neighbors.

37. Smirk Face

Smirk Face

A smirk can go a long way when sexting. It basically means, ‘I want you under me,’ without having to say the words.

38. Rocket Ship

Rocket Ship

Get creative with this sexting emoji to let bae know that your f*ck-sesh earlier was ‘out-of-this-world.’

39. Hands Out Face

hugging face

This is the hugging face and a friendly and cute way to get the sexting conversation rolling.

40. OK Sign

OK hand Sign

The OK sign emoji represents the vagina. Obviously.

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41. Tongue-Out Face

Tongue-Out Face

The tongue-out face can be used to discuss blowjobs or p*ssy licking. It’s definitely a handy one to throw into a sext. Who doesn’t like oral sex?

42. Merman


The whole shirtless merman vibe is sexy AF without even trying. Get creative and throw this into your sexts.

Maybe even try a little BDSM roleplay? ‘Yes, Master.’ I mean, ‘Yes, King Triton.’

43. Family 


A little forward, but…if you don’t think it’ll scare your partner away, you can use the family emoji to let them know you want to make babies with them.

44. Peace Sign

Peace Sign

The peace sign represents the vagina. Seriously, it’s the shape of a V, how more obvious could you get?

45. Heart Eyes Face

Heart Eyes Face

Use this emoji when you’re totally in love with the sexts your partner is sending. 

46. Heart


The heart can be sweet, but it can also be dirty depending on what you pair it with.

47. Bee


The bee has a stinger just like a male. This is the birds and the bees. Come on, you know this already!

48. Kissy Face

Kissy Face

A kissy face can go a long way in a text. Send it as a ‘goodnight’ or a ‘hello.’ Or, even send it alongside another sex emoji to let your partner know where you want to kiss them.

49. Crazy Face

Crazy Face

The crazy face can be a fun one to use to let bae know you’re down to get a little wild and kinky with them.

50. Rocker Hand

Rocker Hand

The rocker hand emoji isn’t just about listening to the music, it’s also about calling you for hot talk. 

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10 Best Sexting Emoji Combinations 

Now, that you know what emojis mean to the sexters of the universe, here are some of the best emoji combinations to use to improve your sexting game. 

1. Tongue + Peach + Exploding Head tongue

👅 🍑 🤯

This basically means, ‘I’m going to lick your p*ssy until you c*m.’

2. Pointing Finger + OK Sign


This combo is a middle school basic which illustrates penetration. 

3. French Flag + Lipstick Print

🇫🇷 💋

We love pairing the French flag with the lipstick print to indicate a French kiss. Seriously, how cute is that?

4. Skull + Taco

💀 🌮

Ever heard the phrase, ‘murder your p*ssy?’ Well, now you can just drop this emoji combo. 

5. Tongue + Eggplant

👅 🍆

Tongue and eggplant = blowjob, duh. Good luck getting your mouth around an actual eggplant though. 

6. Peach + Clapping Hands

🍑 👏

This is the booty smack or booty clap emoji combo we’ve all been waiting for. 

7. Closed Hand + Eggplant + Sweat Droplets

✊🍆 💦

This is how to describe a killer handjob. You can use it to describe giving one to someone else or giving one to yourself. It’s versatile. 

8. Peach + Phone

🍑 🏠

Everyone loves a booty call and here is a quick way to reference one. 

9. Banana + Donut


Bananas and donuts aren’t a usual food combination but when it comes to the world of sexting, it just fits. 

 10. Heart + Bone

💖 🦴

Simply say ‘I love your penis’ with this heart and bone combination. 

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