3 Gorgeous Landscapes to Visit at Butchart Gardens

Follow our guide to the enchanting landscapes and lively events as you plan your perfect day at Butchart Gardens in British Columbia.

A scenic shot overlooking the Sunken Garden at Butchart Gardens.Canbalci/Getty Images
A scenic view overlooking the Sunken Garden at Butchart Gardens

When you plan your visit to Butchart Gardens near Victoria, British Columbia, make sure you attend one of the gardens’ lively events. Try catching a musical performance on the concert lawn, see a fireworks show on a Saturday night or hop on a boat for a ride around the surrounding wharf. And grab a treat at the cafes or shops. Keep in mind that some events and attractions could be closed or canceled due to COVID-19. Call or check their website before making any plans.

These are the three most beautiful spots you shouldn’t miss:

Sunken Garden

Once you arrive at Butchart Gardens, start your visit at the Sunken Garden. Take time to wander the 5 acres and admire its 151 flower beds. In 1912, Jennie and Robert Butchart brought mounds of soil to a limestone quarry on their property near Victoria, creating this valley. Some 65,000 bulbs in the Sunken Garden bloom every spring.

Rose Garden and Italian Garden

After making a stop in the nearby Rose Garden, stroll through the Italian Garden. The bronze statue and water features make visitors feel as if they just set foot in Italy. Be sure to grab a scoop of sorbet or gelato at Gelateria Benvenuto on a hot summer day.

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Japanese Garden

Walk through a traditional gate into the Japanese Garden as you travel to Asia. Running streams fill this lush space. It’s impressive any time of year, especially in fall when the collection of Japanese maples really shines.

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