20 Inspiring Pictures of Indigo Buntings

Bird lovers share their best pictures of indigo buntings. Sightings of these beautiful bright blue birds thrill and delight bird-watchers.

indigo bunting

Courtesy Kevin Brenner

Indigo Bunting After a Bath

“This indigo bunting finished drying off after a cool bath in West Chester, Ohio. I love taken pictures of indigo buntings because you seem to get a different shade of blue every time you capture them,” says Kevin Brenner.

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Courtesy Paul Vriend

Stretching His Wings

“This is an indigo bunting that frequents our neighborhood on the north side of Chicago.  I love this photo because of the wing and tail spread of the bunting, the way the bird grasps the reed, and how close I got to a bird that usually spends time in the treetops,” says Paul Vriend. Attract indigo buntings with their favorite foods.

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