160 Thanksgiving Freebies: Save Money & Time with This Awesome Free Stuff

We’ve got you covered.

From the food to the decorations, there’s so much to buy and the cost can really add up.

Handily enough, you can save money on Thanksgiving by taking advantage of free Thanksgiving stuff.

So you’ll save yourself some cash, while still enjoying the holiday.

Short of free Thanksgiving bracelets, whether it’s free Thanksgiving clip art you’re looking for, or free Thanksgiving printable decorations, you’ll find some of the best freebies in the list below.

Free Thanksgiving Clip Art

Clipart can be used for Thanksgiving projects and decorations, in emails to friends and family, and for tons of other stuff!

Whether it’s ear of corns, depictions of the Thanksgiving Harvest, or pilgrims, there are tons of great clip art images for Thanksgiving that you can get for free.

  1. Cranberry Sauce
  2. Thanksgiving Harvest
  3. Pilgrims and Thanksgiving Harvest
  4. Pilgrims on the Mayflower
  5. Ear of Corn
  6. Thanksgiving Pie in a Red Pie Pan
  7. Little Pilgrim Girl
  8. Little Boy Program
  9. Pilgrim Boy and Girl
  10. Black Pilgrim Hat
  11. Brown Pilgrim Hat
  12. Pumpkin Pie Happy Thanksgiving
  13. Turkey with Give Thanks Banner
  14. Cornucopia Horn with Fruits and Vegetables
  15. Roast Turkey Happy Thanksgiving
  16. Thanksgiving Pie
  17. Thanksgiving Corn on the Cob
  18. Turkey Time Clock
  19. Thanksgiving Potatoes
  20. Blue Pilgrim Hat
  21. Cute Turkey
  22. Cornucopia
  23. Red Turkey
  24. Orange Feather
  25. Mayflower Ship

Free Thanksgiving Computer Wallpapers

These Thanksgiving computer wallpapers are great for getting you into the spirit of the holiday!

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper with Fall Leaves and Vegetables
  2. Cornucopia and Sunset Thanksgiving Wallpaper
  3. Thanksgiving Wishes Wallpaper
  4. Turkey and Fall Leaves Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper
  5. Pumpkin and Fall Leaves Happy Thanksgiving Wallpaper

Free Thanksgiving Worksheets

From math to English to history, there are free Thanksgiving worksheets available on a range of topics. Take a look at our list of free worksheets for Thanksgiving.

  1. Thanksgiving Word Changes Worksheet Activity
  2. Color the Thanksgiving Adjectives Activity
  3. The Origins of Thanksgiving Worksheet
  4. Thanksgiving Worksheet How Many Syllables?
  5. Thanksgiving Word Problems
  6. Thanksgiving Math: Simple Edition #1
  7. Thanksgiving Facts
  8. Thanksgiving Fractions
  9. Thanksgiving Find and Tally

Free Thanksgiving Decorations

Whether it’s a Thanksgiving image or sign that you can put into a picture frame, a banner you can hang in your home, or decorations for the table, there are plenty of great free Thanksgiving decorations available.

And we’ve listed them below.

  1. Thanksgiving Leftover Bags
  2. Give Thanks Banner
  3. Autumnal Happy Thanksgiving Menu
  4. Give Thanks Thanksgiving Printables Set
  5. Printable Thanksgiving Napkin Rings
  6. Free Thanksgiving/Fall Kit
  7. Blank Thanksgiving Menu
  8. Purple Framed Menu Card Template
  9. Fall Leaf Template Centerpeice
  10. Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Chalkboard Printable
  11. Striped Black and White Thanksgiving Sign
  12. I Am Thankful For…Placemats
  13. Small Menu with a Sunflower Design
  14. Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats
  15. Paper Squirrel Favors
  16. Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart Print
  17. Hem your Blessings with Thankfulness Printable
  18. Give Thanks Chalkboard Printable
  19. Give Thanks Antler Sign
  20. Thanksgiving Table Decoration Kit
  21. Thanksgiving Favor Box
  22. Thanksgiving Utensil Holder
  23. Gratitude Place Mats
  24. Be Kind Thanksgiving Printable
  25. Black and White Thanksgiving Decoration Collection
  26. Free Printable Thanksgiving Collection
  27. Thankful Tree Printable
  28. Get your Pie On Thanksgiving Sign
  29. Count Your Blessings Printable
  30. Thanksgiving Subway Art
  31. Thanksgiving Quote Printable
  32. Harvest Pumpkin Printable

Free Thanksgiving Labels and Tags

Whether it’s to label party favors, food items on the table, or leftovers, labels and tags sure do come in handy on Thanksgiving.

Below, we’ve listed a selection of Thanksgiving labels and tags that you can get for free.

  1. Sunflower Labels
  2. Blank Autumnal Thanksgiving Labels
  3. Thanksgiving Leftover Labels
  4. Thanksgiving Wine Tags
  5. Enjoy Tags

Free Thanksgiving Cards

Whether you want to wish a friend or family member a Happy Thanksgiving or give thanks, these free Thanksgiving cards are perfect for Turkey Day!

  1. Great Thanksgiving Card
  2. Bouquet of Thanksgiving Wishes Thanksgiving Card
  3. Graceful Gratefulness – Thanksgiving Card
  4. Peaceful Time
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Card
  6. Thanksgiving Charm Thanksgiving Card
  7. Special Thanks Thanksgiving Card
  8. Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Card
  9. Everyday Thankfulness Thanksgiving Card
  10. Give Thanks Thanksgiving Card
  11. Pumpkin Posting Thanksgiving Card
  12. Bird and Flowers Thanksgiving Card
  13. Rustic Thanksgiving Card
  14. Grateful today Thanksgiving Card
  15. Thanksgiving Food Card
  16. Thanksgiving Basket with Bird Card
  17. Orange Happy Thanksgiving Card
  18. Print and Color Happy Thanksgiving Card
  19. Thankful Card
  20. DIY Thanksgiving Card

Free Online Thanksgiving Games

These online Thanksgiving games are great for kids over the holiday.

  1. Clumsy Turkey
  2. Thanksgiving Rainbow Turkey
  3. Quirky Turkey
  4. Thanksgiving Dinner
  5. Thanksgiving Find the Difference Game

Free Thanksgiving Invitations

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?

If you are, then you’ll need to invite your guests and what better way to do it than with these free Thanksgiving invitations?

  1. Festive Fall Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  2. Gathered Harvest Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  3. Sunflower Invitation
  4. Autumn Array Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  5. Eat Drink And Be Thankful Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  6. Wood and Wildflowers Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  7. Cook’s Tools Border Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  8. Sharing The Plenty Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  9. Bird and Flowers Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  10. Leaf Wreath Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  11. Blank Thanksgiving Dinner Invitation
  12. Thanksgiving Feast Invitation
  13. Fall wreath Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  14. Falling Leaves Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  15. Thanksgiving Table Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  16. Harvest Thanksgiving Invitation Template
  17. Thanksgiving Harvest Invitation
  18. Friendsgiving Birch Invitation
  19. Thank Full Invitation
  20. Vegan Thanksgiving Invitation

Free Thanksgiving Name Tags

Hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner party this year?

Or do you just want to add a nice personal touch to the dinner table?

If so, then check out these free Thanksgiving place cards.

They look great on the table, and they’re super functional too, as your guests will know exactly where they are sitting when it comes to dinnertime.

  1. Colorful Turkey Place Cards
  2. Turkey Thanksgiving Place Cards
  3. Thanksgiving Menu Place Card
  4. Fall Leaf Place Card
  5. Four Thanksgiving Place Cards

Free Printable Thanksgiving Games

If you’re looking for free thanksgiving activities, you’ll like these games.

These printable Thanksgiving games are fun for the whole family.

So check them out and keep your children and adult guests entertained!

  1. Family Trivia Game
  2. United States Map Trivia Game
  3. Thanksgiving Bingo Game
  4. Thanksgiving Photo Gratitude Hunt
  5. Thanksgiving Play for Families

Free Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are a great way to keep kids entertained, and it’s nice to give them an activity away from the screen of the TV or iPad.

Our list features a ton of different images for your child to color, from Thanksgiving dinner favorites, like corn, turkey and pumpkin pie to classic Thanksgiving things, like the cornucopia and the Mayflower.

  1. Corn Coloring Page
  2. Pilgrim Hat Coloring Page
  3. Thanksgiving Family Coloring Page
  4. Mayflower Coloring Page
  5. Pumpkin Pie Coloring Page
  6. Slice of Pumpkin Pie Coloring Page
  7. Turkey Platter Coloring Page
  8. Cute Turkey Coloring Page
  9. Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Page
  10. Happy Thanksgiving Day Coloring Page
  11. Pumpkin Coloring Page
  12. Cartoon Turkey Coloring Page
  13. Thanksgiving Pilgrims Coloring Page
  14. Thanksgiving Turkey Coloring Page
  15. Mayflower Voyage Coloring Page
  16. Thanksgiving Vegetables Coloring Page
  17. Cornucopia Coloring Page
  18. Family Dinner Coloring Page
  19. Pilgrim Man Coloring Page
  20. Pilgrim Woman Coloring Page

Free Thanksgiving Recipes

Tired of the same old Thanksgiving dinner recipes?

Want some fresh ideas?

Try these awesome free turkey day recipes.

  1. Gluten Free Garlic Dill Dinner Rolls
  2. Garlic-Herb Breadsticks With Creamy Parmesan 
  3. Chef John’s Roast Turkey and Gravy
  4. Slow-Cooker Chorizo, Pecan and Cheddar Stuffing
  5. Gluten-Free Green Bean-Mushroom Casserole
  6. Grandma’s Cranberry Stuff
  7. Lemon-Maple Squash
  8. Crock Pot Pecan Pie
  9. Slow Cooker Brussels Sprouts with Maple Syrup, Cranberries and Feta
  10. Slow Cooker Glazed Ham

Free Thanksgiving Stuff by Mail

There are a lot of things you can get by mail for free – like these free baby stuff send by mail – but unfortunately I couldn’t find any place or company that send out free Thanksgiving stuff by mail. I’ll keep looking and if I find some, I’ll make sure to update this post. So be sure to bookmark this post so you don’t miss it.

By the way, if you know of any Thanksgiving freebies by mail, please leave a comment below and let us know.

Closing Thoughts

The story of Thanksgiving is one of giving and these sites clearly got the message by giving out these handy Thanksgiving freebies.

And around the holidays free stuff really comes in handy – after all, any chance you have to save money on Thanksgiving, the holidays, or any time of year for that matter is a good thing!

So this Thanksgiving, consult our list of free Thanksgiving stuff and save yourself some money.

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