13 best dating apps in India to make 2021 a little bearable!

There’s a dating app for everyone, whether you’re looking for a long-term relationship or a quick booty call. With new platforms popping up all the time, dating sites and apps are the way to go these days. The online dating trend in India is growing by the day and more and more top dating apps from the world have come to India. Also with Pandemic hitting the world in 2021, online dating is finally pushing for real conversations.

Why not date online, particularly during these times when the entire world is cooped up in their homes, working, studying, and meeting friends online? It’s not a good idea to waste this time alone and watching Netflix. Some of us, however, may need some assistance in making new friends, lovers, and the perfect match because we’ve been trapped in our homes for much too long to know how to flirt.

This is the list of the top 13 dating apps in India, from the most common dating apps, dating apps with unique offerings, or gay dating apps to use in summer 2021.

Most common and Best Dating Apps in India

1. Happn

Happn connects you with people who are physically close to you. It’s an interesting idea that can help people meet someone in a more natural way.

When you first open the app, you’re presented with a grid view of your most recent experiences. You can go back in time by scrolling down. When you tap on a profile, you’ll see all of the typical interactions that come with a modern dating app. You can tell if you like anyone, just like on Tinder, to see if there is a mutual interest and start chatting for free. Unlike Tinder, you can use credits to talk with someone, even if there is no match.

The app seems to be aimed at people who don’t want to use online dating but also don’t want to approach strangers in person. If you have a crush on someone in your neighborhood or someone with whom you recently crossed paths, this is a must-try.

Happn | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

2. Bumble

Bumble is like Tinder for women, except with a timer. Women must message first on Bumble, and if the guy does not respond within 24 hours, the possible match is lost. The timer is intended to promote communication, and some people genuinely appreciate it.

Women are the ones who start contact on Bumble. Of course, which gender makes the first move is less of an issue for LGBTQ+ women, but it could be a breath of fresh air for ladies looking for dudes.

The Kochava Collective, the host of the largest independent mobile data marketplace, says, younger daters can enjoy Bumble as well, as the majority of its users are between the ages of 26 and 35.

Bumble | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

3. Hinge

Hinge employs the same swiping scheme that Tinder popularised, but it promotes better dates with a robust profile and matching algorithm. It’s all about finding long-term relationships, not just one-night stands. It’s the online dating app that’s “made to be deleted,” according to the website.

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You have the choice of showing a wealth of valuable details that may be deal-breakers, such as your political beliefs, sexuality, frequency of alcohol intake, and even your desire to have children in the future. Hinge’s prompts often aid in the development of more engaging profiles.

If a serious relationship is what you’re looking for, then you need to get on this dating service.

Hinge | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

4. Tinder

It’s essentially the first stop for those who are new to the dating scene. You should better be swiping where everyone else is swiping if you want to play the odds when it comes to online dating. Tinder is probably familiar to anyone who has spent some time online. According to the Kochava Collective, the app has the most users of any dating app currently available and is the most popular dating app.

On the plus side, the profiles are short, allowing you to make fast decisions. Short profiles have the disadvantage of making it difficult to determine what people are looking for.

You can even boost your profile for more visibility. Paid versions like Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold can also get you many perks!

Tinder is absolutely the perfect place for you if you’re looking for something casual. While many Tinder users use the app for casual dating or hookups, some have found long-term love and life partner. Anything is possible on this dating site!

Tinder | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

5. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is homegrown and one of the only Indian dating sites on this list.

“Facebook is India’s Facebook and Twitter is India’s Twitter, but Tinder won’t be India’s Tinder.” That is according to Sachin Bhatia, co-founder of TrulyMadly, a mobile dating app that aims to repackage the mobile dating phenomenon fuelled by apps like Tinder to suit India’s social and cultural nuances, making it perfect for Indian singles.

The most noticeable distinction between TrulyMadly and Tinder is that it verifies the users using trust-based ratings. To get started, you add your Facebook account, then verify yourself with other social media accounts, your phone number, and even an offline photo ID to earn more points. Your profile pictures are super safe because nobody can take a screenshot of them neither can they download them.

The company’s algorithm looks to see if you’re single and involved on social media, and your score rises as a result. TrulyMadly looks to compatibility quizzes and scoring. Of course, the procedure also gives women more trust in their potential match.

TrulyMadly | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

6. OkCupid

OkCupid, which has been around since 2004, is probably familiar to someone who has been in the dating game for a while. The OG has released an app with its signature questionnaires about everything from religion to peanut butter vs. jelly to assist you in finding your ideal partner.

Profiles are far more detailed than those on other dating sites, and if you answer a seemingly endless set of questions, you’ll get a fair Match/Enemy percentage ratio on your profile to help you gauge compatibility.

OkCupid has become more like Tinder in the last year, relying more on swiping and removing the opportunity to contact a user without first matching with them. You can always send a message; but, unless you match, it will not appear in the recipient’s inbox. OkCupid has pointed out that these changes have helped decrease the number of offensive messages that users received

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OkCupid | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

Best and Most Unique Dating Apps in India

7. Aisle

Though matrimonial portals have been around in India for a long time for people looking for serious relationships, using a dating site has become increasingly popular among young people looking for something more casual. Then there’s a group of people in their late twenties and thirties who don’t want to sign up for matrimonial sites or dating apps but want something in the middle.

They want the fun and ease of a dating app combined with the seriousness and in-depth knowledge that only a matrimonial service can offer.

In essence, Aisle.co is a web and mobile-based dating app that distinguishes itself by features such as a comprehensive sign-up process, profile shortlisting, and the lack of swiping,’ among others. Users must sign up for a free membership and fill out the necessary information in order to join the group. The Aisle team then checks the credentials and adds the user to the group if they meet their requirements.

Aisle | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

8. Feeld

Try Feeld if you live a polyamorous or non-monogamous lifestyle or are searching for partners that are receptive to non-traditional relationships. You’ll feel welcome no matter what you’re into because it’s an inclusive, welcoming culture for all gender identities and sexual preferences. Feeld connects you with other like-minded humans by allowing you to choose from 20+ sexual and gender identities. You’ll be able to talk and share photos on the Feeld app once you’ve Liked someone and they’ve Liked you back.

Feeld | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

Best Dating App in India for LGBTQ+ community

9. Coffee Meets Bagel

When Coffee Confronts By sending selected matches, or “Bagels,” each day at noon, Bagel hopes to provide users with higher-quality matches. They have ice breakers for first messages and have more detailed profiles than Tinder.

For people who are tired of pointless relationships, the app is viewed as a more realistic version of a dating app. Coffee Meets Bagel is a welcoming app for LGBTQ+ people. Anyone looking for legitimate connections can use and find matches on the app, but all users must be at least 18 years old.

Coffee meets Bagel | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

10. Grindr

Grindr is a dating platform that allows men to meet other men and has a simple concept. Grindr has historically been more suited to sexual experiences and a casual hookup than Tinder’s dating and swiping culture. It’s an oversimplification to say that’s all Grindr is for. In reality, Grindr’s CEO claims to have found love on the dating app, so it’s safe to say the app’s user base is growing.

You can add one picture and a short bio about yourself once you’ve built an account, but this is usually reserved for sexual preferences rather than hobbies or interests. Grindr XTRA is a paid version of the Grindr app- No third-party ads, premium filters and explore mode/global chat- are just some of the perks.

Grindr | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

11. HER

HER was developed by and for queer women as both a dating app and an LGBTQ+ social media site. HER is a perfect option for both cisgender and nonbinary people who want to go on a nice date, find forever love, or attend local queer events.

“HER is an energetic & diverse team based out of San Francisco, CA. We’ve come together with the goal of creating a more inclusive future for queer womxn. We see you, and want to empower you to be the badasses we know you are,” reads their About Us page.

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HER is a mobile app to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, bicurious and queer women meet each other.

The platform is divided into three areas:

  • Meet- where you see and like other users’
  • Chat-where you message users’ that have liked you back
  • Feed- where you can read our blog on everything
HER | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

Relatively New Dating Apps in India

12. The League

If you enjoy being a part of something, The League is an exclusive app that needs users to submit their job title, college, and LinkedIn profile in order to apply. In big cities, getting accepted can take a long time, but good things do come to those who wait. The League caters almost entirely to career-minded individuals with high expectations and little time to sift through possible matches and bad dates in search of a winner. It is currently only available in a few cities in India, which include- Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai.

The League | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

13 Club House

The company just released its Android version after almost 1 year of only iOS, this invite-only app social media app has audio chat rooms for live discussions and opportunities to participate through speaking and listening. Although the app is not meant for dating and the invite-only and chatroom setup does the vetting for you. And considering you are in the same audio room with someone you will have shared interests. Even-though there is no direct DM feature you do have an option to tap someone for a one-on-one session in a private room.

Clubhouse | 13 best dating apps in India to make this year a little bearable!

Is Online Dating App Safe?

Well except for the obvious ones like identity theft, online harassment, stalking, and catfishing. The fact is more and more people have skyrocketed, and people are not only meeting for hookups and more and more people are getting serious and even getting married to someone they meet on online dating apps. Online dating apps provide enough control over what information would you want to share and at what stage.

If you are worried about safety it’s best to review safety features, Check out what you can report in the case of identity theft or how you can block in case of any online harassment or stalking. Optout of signing up to the apps that allow messaging before matching. Last but not least always talk to them before meeting in person and when it comes to the time of meeting face “in real life”, make sure it’s a public place for the first few dates until you are sure.

Are Online Apps Worth it?

When it comes to online apps you have the poser, with a shirtless picture, the bitter ex, who wants people to be super honest, the open relationship seeker, yep plenty of those if you can handle one. Then there is the ghost, these people will match you but will only talk to you once, There are the sweethearts, who just are plain simple good people looking for a relationship and there are the ones, these will strike you maybe cause of their looks or maybe cause they wrote something that just works for you, and good part you will match with them. So yeah online dating is worth it, not because people have had successful relationships and even gotten married, it’s worth it because there is something for everyone.

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