11 Types of Woodpeckers Birders Should Know

Readers share pictures of woodpeckers that show the beauty of these amazing birds. Look for these 10 types of woodpeckers across America.

types of woodpeckers, red-headed woodpeckerCourtesy Burline Pullin

Types of Woodpeckers: Red-Headed Woodpecker

Talk about a stunning species. This bold type of woodpecker has a large, scarlet-colored head and spiky bill—and it’s skilled at catching insects midair. Both sexes sport a white belly, black back and white wing patches. Smaller than a crow, this Midwest and East Coast bird has a round, crestless head.

“A pair of red-headed woodpeckers lived the woods behind my house in Tennessee after a nearby timber harvest. I set up a bird feeding station in the woods during late winter hoping to attract the types of woodpeckers below the forest canopy. After several weeks of patiently watching from a distance, these elusive woodpeckers finally came within camera range,” says Burline Pullin. Check out the 4 best foods for attracting woodpeckers.

red-bellied woodpecker

Courtesy Mary Flores Camacho

Red-Bellied Woodpecker

The name of this beautiful bird is misleading. Its belly is actually pale with tinges of red in the right light, and it has a black-and-white striped back with a bright red nape. Males also have a red crown. In the eastern United States where it lives, you’ll spot this bird picking at bark rather than drilling into it.

“The magnificent red-bellied woodpecker is a familiar year-round visitor to the suet feeders in my backyard. The patterns and colors of this  species are striking. Amazingly, they are not bothered by humans, so I can spend hours taking pictures of the woodpeckers as they munch on their favorite food,” says Mary Flores Comacho.

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