10 Unique Bird Feeder Options You Can Buy On Etsy

Bluebird Bird Feeder

Via Etsy.com

Whimsical Bluebirds Feeder

Bluebird fans will be all aflutter over this stone feeder. It features pretty stones set in white concrete, and the “branches” in the design are real. Best of all, a sweet hand-painted bluebird perches on both sides. For cardinal lovers, the seller also makes a design with the beloved redbird.

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Squirrel Arcade Feeder

Via Etsy.com

BONUS: Arcade Squirrel Feeder

Keep squirrels away from your bird feeders by offering them a place of their own to snack… and game! This ultra-adorable feeder looks just like it belongs at an old arcade. It comes in two sizes; the seller says the smaller one best suits chipmunks and small squirrels, while the large works best for the “husky” variety.

Psst—not keen on feeding the squirrels, but still like the design? The seller says birds will use the feeder, too.

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