10 Types of Bird Feeders You Need in Your Backyard

Cardinal Tray Feeder

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Tray or Platform Feeder

These types of bird feeders can either hang from a hook or sit on your deck or the ground. In both cases, the feeding surface is completely open, so birds have plenty of space to land and eat. Tray feeders are often used to attract larger birds like mourning doves and ground-feeding birds like dark-eyed juncos. Look for feeders with holes or mesh on the bottom to allow for drainage.

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Love squirrels? Offer dried ears of corn on squirrel feeders.

cardinals at a hopper feederCourtesy Gary Walker
Cardinals and finches visit a hopper feeder

Hopper Bird Feeder

The classic hopper feeder is usually covered with a roof and enclosed on all four sides. It’s common to find these types of bird feeders in the shape of a house or a barn. Sometimes you can even find hopper feeders with suet cake holders on either end. While they typically don’t deter squirrels, hopper feeders do protect seed from rain and snow. Larger birds such as woodpeckers, grosbeaks and mourning doves frequently visit them.

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Find out how (and how often) to clean bird feeders.log feeder

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Log Feeder

If you want a thrifty, DIY project, take an old log and drill a few holes in the side. These holes are perfect for stuffing full of suet or peanut butter for the birds. Plus, the log gives woodpeckers, blue jays and nuthatches a built-in perch. 

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We found large capacity bird feeders to feed a crowd.

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Bluebird Flower Feeder

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Mealworm Bird Feeder

To attract bluebirds and other insect-eating birds like thrushes and wrens, offer live mealworms in bluebird feeder. Try a small glass dish or a domed feeder. Here’s our guide to feeding mealworms.

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Want to see birds up close? Try a window bird feeder!

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